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Stephanie Smith
This is awful. Get divorced lady. You deserve better. You settled for less than what you deserve. God doesn't justify bad behavior. I pray I never go through this. So sad.
Comment from : Stephanie Smith

Broken, Rebuild Jeremiah 18: 1 - 6.
Comment from : music19009

Kathleen Dwyer
What a great couple! God bless you both.
Comment from : Kathleen Dwyer

Sarah Michaels
Your a better woman than me. I would forgive them as a person, but I would not take them back as a husband.
Comment from : Sarah Michaels

New World Grover
If a women remarries she commits adultery and any man who marries a divorced woman commits adultery. Read your bible they both cheated.
Comment from : New World Grover

Are you guys still going strong after 2 years?
Comment from : Win

I often wonder if in fact we are now living in hell and trying to defeat it on earth with our own individual battles to find eternal life? There are more ways to unbalance people and relationships on this planet than to live in love, peace and free of sin. Evil is doing its job comfortably working directly and indirectly on us all on a daily basis. Sometimes it seems as though the more we seek protection from our faith, the more evil wants to attack our souls and take us back to a dark place.
Comment from : MVC

Vivka Vivka
My husband has moved forward with a divorce after only one and a half years of marriage. I tried to convince him to go to counseling or a marriage retreat. He won't hear of it. He won't answer my texts and calls. So I have given it over to the Lord and trying to accept His will.
Comment from : Vivka Vivka

Aprill Roberts
The power of Christ at work 🙏💕
Comment from : Aprill Roberts

scrappy pooh
I'm glad their marriage is restored and i hope for, til death do they part. But why couldn't he just admit he has a lustful, selfish, prideful habit?
Comment from : scrappy pooh

Mr.H.J. Loren M.D.
There is beauty in the breaking he destroyed the old and gave you both new love and understanding that can go through any storm that comes your way
Comment from : Mr.H.J. Loren M.D.

Pat Gray
Mine dud and I more happier.
Comment from : Pat Gray

Carol Dold
Very touched by your story!
Comment from : Carol Dold

How do you undo abuse? How do you trust again? Porn is nothing compared to what others who endure abuse and know their spouses need help and end up divorced who still care for their spouse. How does this get redeemed?
Comment from : lilz0208

Honest Jaye
I feel like I prayed so long and hard and did everything to keep my marriage together all those years now I have been single for two years divorced should I pray for reconciliation I don't want to go through the hurt and pain again of losing her all over I tried everything in me to keep it together that pain is too much to go through again
Comment from : Honest Jaye

Honest Jaye
It's been 2 years and I'm still broken
Comment from : Honest Jaye

Comment from : stardustgirl

Cpmf Feilberg
My beloved soulmate passed away 12 years ago. I still miss him all the time. God bless you.
Comment from : Cpmf Feilberg

Amanda Garcia
Oh!!! THESE TWO ARE SOUL MATES! and truly belong together.....their wedding photos when they were sooo young and had no idea that the road ahead would be so rocky! makes me believe in love ever after........don't "give up" on God's good plan for your life! Seek the wisdom and answers that are right there in front of us (in our Bibles)....truly a wonderful love story and EVIDENCE!! that God can restore and renew what the Enemy tries his hardest to destroy:-) Love this story! Wonderful ending:-) Amazing lesson in the power of God to heal what is broken:-)
Comment from : Amanda Garcia

happy champion
I hope you are all in good health and happy in what you are doing,
Marriage is a covenant made between two mature people who can take responsibility to take care of each other.
For a marriage to work out there's work to do .when a man and a woman come together in marriage as the man is the head of the house and his wife a partner there must be a lot of communication as both come from different house and have been raised differently.
That's where a couple must use the fruits of the spirit pray without ceasing for each other and support each other and look at what the word is saying about what love is.. God bless you all.

Comment from : happy champion

Michael Miranda
@Yvonnerahui thank you so much this is well needed sis I'm trying my best to be in his peace and his goodness and grace (update) so we are talking and trying to pray and allow God to fix us first and the the relationship after. My babies are being great as well they are believing God for this family as well they pray when they feel down and out they are active in believing for him to move and so am I continue to pray for me and my family though because we are still in this asking God to keep our focus on him in this time God bless you sister love you for the encouragement this was very timely indeed thank you
Comment from : Michael Miranda

G Wolf
So special,,,,,3/4 into the video, still no hardcore details on his problems, 0 details on her problems, and she has them because everyone does,,,,also, he said something about being depressed after the break up over his " reputation".... My reputation was shit after my wife left, all I wanted was our family back together and healed. Didnt happen., and Unfortunatley, I don't think there's a snowballs chance I could take her back now, even though I wish things didn't have to be as they are, because they dont have to be, but trust is ruined, and I cant affoed on an emotional or financial level to ever risk marriage again.
Comment from : G Wolf

Donice Green
Really inspired by your journey. Thank you
Comment from : Donice Green

Sherry Young
Godly marriages need/take "Radical Acceptance & Forgiveness" in Jesus name I pray....Amen
Comment from : Sherry Young

So much talk about facing the pain, but what exactly does that mean? I’m glad they’re reunited, but it’s not clear how that happened. My bro and his wife were separated for over a year and it was really UGLY, but they reunited, had 2 more children and have been together many years since then.
Comment from : cherryclan1

mama logs
Hi you have a new subscriber
Comment from : mama logs

I really appreciate this testimony. Thank you!
Comment from : Neviimsjourney

Everyone who's seen this video, watch Dan Mohler's Kingdom teaching #9 or anyone one of his teachings, also Todd White who's a man who is fully in love with Jesus. You'll see who you are in the eyes of God with a whole new perspective and how you CAN do all things through Christ Jesus for He who strengthens you. Please trust me when I say, you'll see your relationship with Jesus in a while new light. GOD BLESS you all.
Comment from : 1broncos7

Diane Balch
Years ago, we used to teach children that masturbation was a sin. After the 60s, all the former teachings went out the window. But divorces increased as did infidelity, rape, casual sex, etc. It really was so much better back then.
Comment from : Diane Balch

Dash Cam Adventures R Us
How did you manage to forgive and trust your husband again?
Comment from : Dash Cam Adventures R Us

Megan Greene
Pornography is infinitely. I know what this couple went through. I'm still living this nightmare... but I can't leave. My faith doesn't believe in divorce unless there is evidence of physical abuse or current and ongoing adultery. My husband has been clean for 2 years now, but most of that is due to the fact that he is completely impotent. He has not had any erection lasting longer than a few seconds in the past two years. There is absolutely no intimacy in my relationship.
You can not remarry after divorce. Once married, married for life... regardless of what happened to cause the marriage to separate. You are still married to him/her even after adultery.
My marriage is a nightmare that I would not wish on my worst enemy.

Comment from : Megan Greene

Susie Stokely
You all lost love and sexual attraction, your hub was in an altered state of sexual being; why are YOU looking for ANYTHING from him; HE TOTALLY BLEW IT! GET A GRIP, your story is RUBBISH!
Comment from : Susie Stokely

Aganetha Bergen
Can you please help us? We have been separated for a long time but I am not giving up on my husband!
I believe that God wants to restore our family!

Comment from : Aganetha Bergen

Mercedes Hendrickson
Thank the LORD Yahweh that You both seen the light and transfered to Your children, LOVE is what Your need, I Corinthians 13. Keep Rob and I in Prayer, we are separated for many years, he has two sons but I LOVE him and have been Praying and believing to be reunited someday to be in the Will of YAH, You will both be in my Prayers. Be blessed...
Comment from : Mercedes Hendrickson

Sabah Amal
Divorce is not always the answer, we must maintain the relationship or work our way out of marriage. 🤷‍♀️🇦🇺
Comment from : Sabah Amal

Ram1593 B
Thank you for sharing your story! In society today we have this unrealistic vision of what marriage will be like. God did not say marriage would be easy. Heck nothing in life that is worth it is easy. I am also very glad that you guys were able to find reconciliation!
Comment from : Ram1593 B

Lisa Foster
Praise the Lord! I'm thankful for your sharing. God has provided you this strength to share according to Paul's word in 2 Corinthians 1:3, 4.
Comment from : Lisa Foster

Hélia Alves
So deeply happy for you guys!!! You have 4 beautiful children and you're using your experience to help others. God can turn bad into good. Wishing you a lot of happiness and love <3
Comment from : Hélia Alves

Tina Whitfield
Thank you for sharing your story.
Comment from : Tina Whitfield

Ket Omad
Deuteronomy 24:4 ESV / 50 helpful votes Helpful Not Helpful

Then her former husband, who sent her away, may not take her again to be his wife, after she has been defiled, for that is an abomination before the Lord. And you shall not bring sin upon the land that the Lord your God is giving you for an inheritance.

Deuteronomy 24:1-4 ESV / 44 helpful votes

“When a man takes a wife and marries her, if then she finds no favor in his eyes because he has found some indecency in her, and he writes her a certificate of divorce and puts it in her hand and sends her out of his house, and she departs out of his house, and if she goes and becomes another man's wife, and the latter man hates her and writes her a certificate of divorce and puts it in her hand and sends her out of his house, or if the latter man dies, who took her to be his wife, then her former husband, who sent her away, may not take her again to be his wife, after she has been defiled, for that is an abomination before the Lord. And you shall not bring sin upon the land that the Lord your God is giving you for an inheritance.

Comment from : Ket Omad

Jackie Ann
Addiction is , at least in part , pain avoidance .

Comment from : Jackie Ann

Rietta Carson
Only with JESUS can we truly forgive. Marriage is about give and take from mental to physical needs. But at the end of day it's forgiveness only thur Jesus and only thur Jesus to say you are sorry...
Comment from : Rietta Carson

Jay Rivera
I was a shitty husband. I too am going through a rough patch. I don't know how to get back what I lost. Granted, I never put hands on my now ex wife, but I never treated her the way she deserved. I was always cheating on her, she stood my me and stayed with me in hopes of working things out. 20 YEARS married with 3 children and I threw it all away lusting after someone who wasnt my wife, trying to fill a void that didn't need to be filled. I ended up having a child with this other person and been with them for 3 years. Whats messed up is how much I miss my family. I feel trapped with someone I'm not even in love with, like I'm in a prison of my own doing. My ex wife STILL wants me to come home. She tells me that the only one who can break out of that prison is me, but its easier said than done when you can't see the light at the end of the tunnel even IF the light is there because you're so blind that it feels like the light doesn't exist. Almost like you're just bumping into every obstacle in your way and tripping and falling all over the place. I'm just a hot mess and don't know what to do or how to go about it. Its like the answers are there in front of your face but you cant see them. I made a huge pile of dog doo of a mess of things. I need help on how to handle this situation because I cant. Idk, I screwed up and dont know how to fix it.
Comment from : Jay Rivera

59 thanks
I thank God that your divorce did not work out.
Comment from : 59 thanks

Ro Bau
She looks really good and even better than as a young woman, pretty too then. In the college pic of them ("clinging to each other on the floor") his facial expression/hair/face shape reminded me of the young Patrick Swayze.
Comment from : Ro Bau

Pamela Mojekwu
"Daddy is going to make it hurt in order to get better". Best statement, thanks for sharing.
Comment from : Pamela Mojekwu

Sara Mbuguah
My self am praying for marriage to come my way I believe marriage is beautiful ... Lord shine a husband in my path Amen ..may the broken marriages be mend in Jesus name ... Amen
Comment from : Sara Mbuguah

Sarah Sanusi
He’s a sex addict and that won’t change.
Comment from : Sarah Sanusi

Keep Itreal
Is it once a cheat always a cheat,,,it would be soooooooo....hard to trust again
Comment from : Keep Itreal

Question: Doesn't scripture preach against divorcing, marrying another person, and divorcing again to go back to their first spouse? Deuteronomy 24, Jeremiah 3 and I Cor. 7.
Comment from : Proverbs_31_Woman

Monique  Johnson
continued blessings...beautiful family
Comment from : Monique Johnson

Al Gee
Wow! Thank you for sharing what God has done in your life.

I am single, wanting to be married but SO AFRAID of the vulnerability and pain that you mention here. My identity is in my ability “to do” rather than as as a beloved child of God. When the fear of failure overwhelms me, in my quiet apartment alone, I come undone. Then I eventually put my mask back on to face the world. It is a lonely existence.

Comment from : Al Gee

Esther Saldana
There’s a reason why God gave permission to divorce on grounds of Adultery. As far as I’m concerned once adultery has taken place it’s over. Forgivenesses is your responsibility as the victim but to stay each one decides for themselves. I for one don’t believe in staying in a marriage where adultery has taken place. No WAY !!!!! The guy already made it clear with his choice. Especially when it happens over and over!!! I couldn’t stay and constantly wonder what he’s doing where he’s at why was he late. No thank you to unhealthy for me! What a stressful lifestyle.
Comment from : Esther Saldana

Babs Brown
I was married 14 yrs, he walked out on me & never looked back, I knew there was someone else in the picture, he denied it, he said that they were just real good friends, I knew it was more than that, they just got married not long ago, it hurt me alot, I haven't been in any relationships since & it's been over 8 yrs now, it's better,but the rejection & not feeling wanted or good enough still bothers me, thank you for sharing this, it was really touching to see your journey with each other, the good the bad, the ugly & to know you found each other again after all that hurt & pain, that's a beautiful thing
Comment from : Babs Brown

Hello kitty Haynes
The way she looks at him... priceless!
Comment from : Hello kitty Haynes

Raquel Pollak Cuevas
My husband and I have been separated for a year and a half divorced for 6 months. We been together for 10 years. And I pray every night for god to move his love on him. He recently got engaged with a girl he meet in Mexico and I feel like god has forgotten about my husband and I. I love him deeply and I just hope god guides him to the correct path.
Comment from : Raquel Pollak Cuevas

Dra O
Don’t get married again. Ever. Always wondering where he is, what he’s thinking, who he’s thinking about. Not worth the emotional turmoil.
Comment from : Dra O

Happily single- forever (:
Comment from : Danielle

ashes 114
I am divorced from my husband for 2 years and been separated for 5 years and its been 9 years since our wedding and i still pray and wish that God would restore us.please pray for us.amen.
Comment from : ashes 114

Ramona Downing
Wow! What a powerful testimony! Thank you for being open and honest and being there for others who are going through tough times. God bless you both.
Comment from : Ramona Downing

Jill Holly
Even though I am a single woman, the story of your life, lives are eye opening...
However, different we are we all find ourselves in almost any situation that can RIP off the many different masks we hide behind..
If we choose to except that we are not perfect we'll realize that we are not "ALONE"
I do hope what I've written makes sense??....
There is/was a reason for me to have watched this... 🙏 Thankful I am 🙏 .. So different the story covered in the same masks...
God Bless both, God Bless us All 🙏🙏

Comment from : Jill Holly

Tina M Fam
you gotta FEEL your stuff to heal it but we don't have to carry it around everyday. Give it to God, don't ask for him to take it, GIVE IT TO HIM in your minds eye. then breathe. This is a great story, I love being a life coach too, because I can teach people how to find their triggers and what they were wanting to experience and help them find a way to create that. Also the emotional release side is super important and learning to forgive yourself and others. let if OUT of the body. good stuff.
Comment from : Tina M Fam

This story is awesome . There is hope.
Comment from : Susan

Deuteronomy 24:1-4
Comment from : HungryForTruth

Jenna Caruthers
The bible verses in Deuteronomy 24 are just more that Christians feel they can cherry-pick your way around. Do you not even understand that the very reason Messiah went to the cross was because of the prohibition to remarry someone you divorced once they've been with someone else? Israel messed around and the Almighty divorced her. The only way to reconcile was for him to die in the person of the Messiah. But, yet, you ignore what it says. It's unbelievable how Christians carry a whole bible around, and yet, say 2/3rd of it isn't for them.
Comment from : Jenna Caruthers

Andrea Windell
What a powerful testimony
Comment from : Andrea Windell

Cadmar Business Suite
Thank you for sharing your testimony. The marriages in my family have been long 30-50 years but were some of the hardest marriages I have seen. For me, I find solace in singleness because I know the reality of the trials which are magnified through marriage because the enemy is attacking the image of God. I pray that the Holy Spirit protect you, grant you wisdom, and for love to cover a multitude of sin.
Comment from : Cadmar Business Suite

Please pray for me, my wife said an month and a half ago she wanted to leave, we have 4 kids. Well the house she was moving into wasnt ready and she decided to stay. Were supposed to try till the end of the summer, it's hard. She wont touch me or high me or kiss me, but she has recently started muttering that she loves me so I'm praying god is working in her, I started going to counseling alone and she is supposed to go with me on july 9th! I'm praying god will change her heart I love her more and more
Comment from : shootermcgee24

We smelled good 😂😂😂
Comment from : MercySaidNo

Love this story. So many people have the perception that Christians are these holier than thou “perfect” people but we are just as broken as everyone else and honestly we are made more aware of our brokenness than the average person. So our perfection comes from Jesus not ourselves. It’s Jesus”s blood that makes us right not our righteousness. Being a Christian is not about being perfect it’s about believing what Jesus did for us and not what we can do for Him. Christians are just as broken who just live by faith that’s it 👍🏻
Comment from : iheartsummer87

Faith Moore
What is going on now
Comment from : Faith Moore

Carmonita Jones
Like you said, your story is not my story,but oh yes, I do have a story.... high school sweethearts, 10 years of dating, and into our 7th year of marriage, things got so ugly, it nearly ended in divorce... but my GOD is an awesome GOD.. we now know to have only the SAVIOUR in our lives, and in HIM we have a wonderful CHRIST filled union, better relationship with our kids, better everything.... so our history is HIS-story.....
Comment from : Carmonita Jones

Robert Laabs
Very Kool! GOD Bless You Guys! I want the Same Thing You Have!
Comment from : Robert Laabs

Kalista Lizbeth
Wow...what an incredible testimony.❤️
Comment from : Kalista Lizbeth

Seems like you are saying "pain" but you mean "facing the truth"
Comment from : itswhatisee

Belinda Stiging
Thank you for you're story. It's so powerful❤
Comment from : Belinda Stiging

charles ryanlee
Caring about reputation is bad enough but caring about it more than God is the sin of pride.
Comment from : charles ryanlee

Candi DeZeller
Only God!!!
Comment from : Candi DeZeller

Brillant and Serious
I have been with my husband 40 yrs married for 30 yrs and recently filing for divorce. He started drug abuse at the age of 15 which has escalated ( been through 10 rehabs). I have tried everything including prayer without ceasing. I have pretty much raised two kids alone financially and it's been hell. I've worked two jobs for 10 yrs at one point 7 days a week for 5 years. I love this video explaining when he explained to the son about his infected toe. Yes heal or improve you must experience some pain. My husband literally runs from all pain or discomforts. Its important that you really analyze and understand the problems with any
marriage. I know God hates divorce, but I also, know God doesn't want me here miserable. I will divorce my husband if he remains on drugs. I understand marriage and it's a give and take process, if your spouse is not giving and only taking this is not a marriage. It's time to ask God forgiveness and get moving to live the life God intended for you.

Comment from : Brillant and Serious

Katherine Torrence
Love is amazing. God is love.
Comment from : Katherine Torrence

Noreen Perez
Man and sex !! It most be a crisis,I want to better believe it's because we don't have enough sexual education in this country,no one want to talk about it,GOD bless.
Comment from : Noreen Perez

Clara Babo
No .... I don't understand why that man had an affair if his LIFE was so happy ! .... He simply was mentaly sick ...and if it was a mental sickness , her wife should look for his treatment and forgive him .
Comment from : Clara Babo

Marie Flippin
Lord, I thank you for your servants what a wonderful share. I have never been married but I do have a desire > I was raised in a large family but never really seen a healthy relationship or marriage. I know that I would
make a great helpmate even at the age of 55.

Comment from : Marie Flippin

Thisisyour Fact-Check
Being OURSELVES is key.
Comment from : Thisisyour Fact-Check

Kelsey Payne
Please pray for me I’m going to hurt worse going through a divorce and separation
Comment from : Kelsey Payne

DeAnna Thomas
Please pray and be in agreement that God touches my husband’s heart in such a tremendous divine way and that God helps me to stand fir and in peace as I commit to stand in the gap for my husband and our marriage. I do believe God is going to do something miraculous for His Glory
Comment from : DeAnna Thomas

januari Biddle
I needed this so much right now. I had an appointment this week to divorce my husband and I cancelled it. Thank you so much for posting this.
Comment from : januari Biddle

Elicipha Njuguna
Great lessons. Vulnerability
Comment from : Elicipha Njuguna

God is in the business of sanctification and maturing. He loves us and has overcome the world. nothing is too big for him. Just take heart 💓
Comment from : TheMisslili8

childofgod L
Thank-you for sharing your story 😁
Comment from : childofgod L

Sunshine Diaz
i grew up in a culture where women do not speak we are covered from head to toe I was raped and sold into Human Trafficking from ages 6-16 raped by 16 people in my family my grandmother told me I was never going to be anything and put a mattress on my back by the time i was 24 years old with 4 children. I completed high school but with my last son while pregnant I had a cracked rib a bruised rib a cracked jaw and bruised jaw I turned to the dark side I became a body entertainer (exotic dancer), then I started entertaining men of power in and around Potomac, Maryland. Although I completed a Bachelors in Business Administration and a Bachelors in Television and Radio Broadcasting.. ME??? Man tells us who we are not , GOD tells us who we are "His Child" bed to bed & man to man i figured if someone was going to pimp me out it will be me ....$1,500.00 per hour I worked from 12:p-8p (I know right)? God kept away diseases and harm. One night I thought I heard the Holy Spirit call my whole name I cried and cried I did not think I had any tear ducts left! 20 years in darkness God delivered me out of Human Trafficking, Domestic Violence, Prostitution, being a Lesbian, dating transgender men (Female to Male) sleeping with the enemy (ME)! October 2013 I surrendered my life to Christ January, 2019 I prayed to God if I am not to have a husband I am okay with working in the Ministry (Look At God) I met a Leader of a well known Mega Church in the south I did not see him as a husband just a prayer partner and doing street ministry March, 2019 when I said to God I am okay with being without a husband this Leader asked for my hand in marriage! We will be married July 02, 2019 in Chicago #LookAtGod ...God does not want us to be alone or without anything .... God promised us everything and he has and he will do it! (in tears) Praise God .. Thank you for Reading ... Be ever blessed may God send his angels to build a fence of protection around you in Jesus name AMEN! I travel from town to town and city to city telling other women they are loved by a older man 2000 years old and his name is ...what? JESUS!
Comment from : Sunshine Diaz

Sunshine Diaz
In Position For Transition: Transition Into Position I  moved to Birmingham Alabama from Brooklyn Heights, New York originally 09/2011 living my life in darkness in the lesbian world after surviving Human Trafficking, i was treated poorly by the female in Ensley I starting working at the Assisting Living facility near Brookwood Medical Center I was soon introduced to a Transgender male (female to male) satan had me thinking this was ok he is male maybe God made a mistake? We attended The Worship Center where I felt safe in worship, however the moment we left campus he would begin to abuse me verbally and sexually his statement to me was "you were raped you should want to have sex all the time" in a matter of 3 months he cut my ties to family and friends 1700 miles away locked me in a closet for a few days when he let me out i went to work (thank goodness they allowed me to come back) i did not leave the facility i slept in the storage closet at work and got up at 4: a.m, took a shower and prepared myself for the day no one had any idea i was homeless 07/2013 i left and moved to Oklahoma City 10 hours from Birmingham Alabama where i met another transgender male at his church I gave my life to Christ then all Hades broke loose! God took me out the situation via domestic violence I was homeless but i found work and slept in my car until i moved into my apartment. Current day? 03/25/2019 I rededicated my life to Christ, God delivered me out of Lesbianism, Domestic Violence and Human Trafficking and I now travel town to town using a rental car ministering to other women about domestic violence and human trafficking people call me crazy I DO NOT CARE! if i can reach just one more woman or child I want God to say "WELL DONE MY GOOD AND FAITHFUL CHILD" Thank you for reading my story. Now my prayer is: God if it is not of you please remove it as far as the east is from the west and the sky is from the ocean in Jesus name AMEN!
Comment from : Sunshine Diaz

Sunshine Diaz
July 02, 2019 in #ChicagoIL will be my first marriage i have been watching YouTube videos for some pre-marital words of wisdom ... thank you for sharing ... we will returning to #OklahomaCityOklahoma after the wedding ,,,, please pray for God's covering for us?? Amen!
Comment from : Sunshine Diaz

Robbi Ndebi
Please pray for me and my husband. After betrayals on both sides and 11 years of marriage we are headed to divorce. He gave up and I am finally realizing that he needs to go. Hopefully he will come to the realization that we have something truly special. I know I will always love him.
Comment from : Robbi Ndebi

Brittany Chante’ Worth
Comment from : Brittany Chante’ Worth

Lilian Aniagor
All I read is pray for me . Pray for my marriage. Ppl pls work on your inner selves. Stop CHEATING. Stop being Abusive. Stop Drug n Alcohol. Be a better responsible person. U are the devil u are blaming. Smh
Comment from : Lilian Aniagor

Ravneet Kaur
This brought tears to my eyes. God redeemed all brokenness and created His love story in your lives.
Comment from : Ravneet Kaur

Adam Muankimi
I'm still in love with my x husband.. We were separated almost 2mont. My husband has an affair right away.. I shock,pain my god, I dont know what to do. I need god. Plizz pray for me all.. I need my husband back🙏
Comment from : Adam Muankimi

Bryan Fournier
Marriage is not designed by God to make us happy, but to make us holy.
Comment from : Bryan Fournier

Wow it's a miracle the guy got out of the porn addiction. It's such a trap.
Comment from : J N

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